Nasty ’51 Chevy Rat Rod Looks Like It Just Went Out Of A Ditch

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Not all cars looking like it just went out of a ditch is a total crap and a few of ...

Not all cars looking like it just went out of a ditch is a total crap and a few of them just needs some closer look to get you blown away. Here’s one such car and it’s a 1951 Chevrolet rat rod with the striking balance of looking ugly while being beautiful rat rod fans will love.

A glance of this car from afar may be a turn off for many but the truth is it’s a well-engineered ride needing a real close inspection for anyone to appreciate. It’s tubbed and chopped with several custom molding done like the ones in the fender and front bumpers.

The interior of this rat rod is sure something no one would expect. The junky-looking outside is matched with a Cadillac-like glam on the inside. Every panel is a beauty paired with some nice seats and simple yet cool metal dashboard. Well, simply one of the few crappy-looking rides you’d love riding at for a whole entire day.

Sitting up front, in green carbon hydrographics, is a custom-built 555 Big-Block able to churn out around 800 HP of power and 750 lb-ft of torque.

Ready for some nasty looks and way nastier sounds? Check it all out below!

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