Who Needs A Flying Car When You Can Have The Kitty Hawk Flyer?

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The Kitty Hawk Flyer is a sort of the flying car except it is not the car at all – ...

The Kitty Hawk Flyer is a sort of the flying car except it is not the car at all – it’s much more like the flying ATV, which is probably more legitimately all-terrain than most.

Linguistics aside, it is a very cool piece of tech that is backed by Google co-founder Larry Page, its already in the working prototype phase of development.

Business Insider got the peek behind the curtain at what it is like to source and train test pilots for a first Kitty Hawker Flyers that can actually fly, Kitty Hawk provided the clip featuring interviews with some of its demonstration staff.

These people were selected from a range of backgrounds for their very particular skill sets, and which included not just piloting know-how, but also the general love for sports and aerial activities like paragliding.

Amazingly, though each pilot got the personalized training program to get them comfortable with the experience, and the basic controls are very similar to gaming with the Xbox controller, according to the BI interview.

In this video, pilots describe the moment when it all comes together and they get it with regards to controls, so to speak.

Kitty Hawk aims to actually ship Flyers sometime later this year, based on the clear enthusiasm of these early testers, more than the few extreme sports entusiasts will want to pony up for an early unit.

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