New Engine Valve Tech Gives Petrols The Efficiency Of Diesels

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A year ago it was reported that the Koenigsegg’s FreeValve sister company ...

A year ago it was reported that the Koenigsegg’s FreeValve sister company had put its camless engine technology in use in a Chinese carmaker Qoros’s Qamless concept vehicle.

Direct valve control is the more agile way of managing valve lift and duration, and compared to the time-honored way of having the camshaft or two.

Koenigsegg compared the regular camshaft to playing the piano with both hands tied to the opposite ends of the broomstick, while direct valve control gives the Liberace-level freedom of top end wizardry.

Now, British technology firm the Camcon Automotive has also announced own take on the technology, and called Intelligent Valve Actuation.

Using the similar simile as the Koenigsegg, Camcon compares a jump from camshaft tech to the digital valvetrain system as being similar to moving from the carburetors to fuel injection.

Camcon says IVA allows valve lift, and timing and duration to be independently and infinitely controllable, and giving petrol engines the driveability and economy of diesels and with more benign and manageable emissions.

With Camcon’s IVA, there are the electromechanical actuators that are housed on top of the engine, each controlling the short camshaft that manages the single valve or valve pair.

As the system allows complete flexibility, well, benefits include more sophisticated cylinder deactivation, and more low-down torque and more high-speed power as situations demand.

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