New GTA Online Mode ‘Deadline’ Is A Love Letter To Tron

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GTA 5 Online has expanded so much that you can literally do just about anything ...

GTA 5 Online has expanded so much that you can literally do just about anything and that crosses your mind in the game, especially now, with this latest update.

Well, if watching TV or playing video games in GTA seems lame, you can always convert to the life of misdemeanor and become the criminal mastermind.

If not, you could just become the racing driver you have always wanted to be or even Evel Knievel’s Doppelganger. In their latest release, though, the Rockstar lets you relive the 1980’s arcade-style video games through the Tron spoof.

The new mode even adds the new bike, called the Shotaro, that bears an uncanny resemblance to Tron’s light cycles, and the light suit to match it.

The new Deadline adversary mode pits four players against each other in the arena and allows them to use the aforementioned motorcycles’ light trail to demolish any competitor unfortunate enough to come in contact with it.

The best part is that all it takes to go on Los Santos’ grid is the lot of free time. To make matters more entertaining, between Bikers DLC and this update, Rockstar has also released the Halloween special package, as well as a few extra bikes and cars.

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