New Mercedes-AMG E 63 S Tested, Drift Mode Works As Advertised

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Let us take a moment to dispel the myth that’s been perpetuated throughout the ...

Let us take a moment to dispel the myth that’s been perpetuated throughout the years because as a story goes, the AMG wing is only there to cater to those who like gobs of power for the tire smoking bragging rights.

This is akin to calling an AMG the prettier Dodge Challenger, which was accurate for some models. Well, on the other hand, BMW’s M was supposedly built for focused drivers who’ve seen the track, and while that’s still true, the rule applies to AMG as well.

Mercedes supplied those credentials with a AMG GT, but it now appears intent on showing us that it can apply the recipe to the sedan. While AMG engineers toil to bring us the four-door AMG GT to beat on the Porsche Panamera, we can rest assured knowing that at least half a mountain has been climbed.

That’s because the AMG E63 S is already out on the race tracks thrashing around with the 600 horsepower kick to the groin. Auto Express and Autocar have each gotten ahold of one to see what it’s made of, so far everything we have heard about this car is correct.

Until BMW soups up the new 5 Series, and this AMG E63 S is the best go-fast sedan around. Even though the all-wheel drive isn’t exactly the driver favorite, it’s nice to know Mercedes included the drift mode to give the AMG E63 S rear-wheel drive capabilities.

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