New Rider Learning The Clutch! Great Way To Build Up The Legs Though

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We all remember that one time we decided to learn how to ride the motorcycle ...

We all remember that one time we decided to learn how to ride the motorcycle – all tensed up, being the bit afraid but enthusiastic at the same time, starting the engine, and putting it into first gear, letting the clutch out only to jerk forward the bit and then stop in shame as the engine died.

Rolling off without letting the engine die on the motorcycle might seem impossible at first, especially for the person who only drove an automatic transmission vehicle or scooter before.

But practice will make it perfect, and that’s the reason why you should master all the controls before heading on public streets.

This rider in this video, however, appears to have difficulties adopting the right takeoff technique and was caught on the camera using his own method by two amused guys in the car behind on the streets of Santa Cruz.

Instead of feathering a clutch and smoothly pulling away, this genius discovered that if you use your feet to push the motorcycle a bit, you can engage the clutch without worrying about the engine stalling.

It is funny as hell seeing him rapidly duck-walk this bike up to around 3 mph instead of learning how to properly ride the bike.

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