Nissan Driver Crashes HARD After Slamming Into A Harley Davidson Rider!

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You can oftentimes hear people bickering about which vehicles are superior, ...

You can oftentimes hear people bickering about which vehicles are superior, motorcycles or cars. While this debate can never be solved completely, we found one video which tips the scale towards motorcycles, and displays just how badass these machines can be.

In this insane video, we spot a biker having some words with the driver of this Nissan Sentra. Apparently, sedan driver switched lanes abruptly, which didn’t bode too well with the Harley Davidson rider.

After some yapping, an incredible scene occurred, where the rider kicked the car! Not wanting to be outdone, the driver then slammed into the motorcycle, forcing the rider to swirl uncontrollably. Fortunately, he was able to regain balance, but what happened next took things to another level!

Nissan driver lost control of his vehicle, slamming directly into the concrete guard rail! To make matters worse, this wasn’t the whole story, as he then crashed into a Cadillac SUV which caused it to roll!

We can only hope that all the drivers from this footage were OK, but this was one intense situation! What an insane sequence of events!

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