Nissan GT-R Vs Tesla Model S-Gasoline Vs Electric Acceleration

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Just when we thought we had seen all the possible Model S vs the supercar world ...

Just when we thought we had seen all the possible Model S vs the supercar world drag race, we came across the sprinting quadrathlon pitting the Tesla Model S against the freshest iteration of the GT-R and we have to admit this challenge packs all the right ingredients.

No, the P100D isn’t present, with Carwow, and which delivers the stunt, providing the simple explanation for the P90D badge on the EV seen here – the P100D isn’t available in the UK.

Oh, wait, that is not all, as the video’s description delivers even more on the topic: “In the video below we have compared a standard GT-R against the Model S 90D as they are the SAME price.

We haven’t used the more powerful P100D and as it costs half as much again and the video is about which gives you the most acceleration for your money: Gasoline or Electric – so the vehicles MUST be compared on price! Not power. Otherwise we could have just got the tuned GT-R with 1000hp for the same money as the P100D!

As for Godzilla, the 2017 Nissan GT-R has already wet its appetite for devouring green energy machines, as the supercar has spanked the 2017 Acura NSX on various occasions, from drag races to track battles.

The four-stunt adventure you will be able to find in this video involves pretty much any real life acceleration battle scenario that could involve the two… along with the some stuff that’s pretty unlikely to happen outside the motoring journalism realm.

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