Nissan GTR 700HP Launch Control Reaction With Young Girls

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Being driven in a 700 horsepower Nissan GTR that has been equipped with a latest ...

Being driven in a 700 horsepower Nissan GTR that has been equipped with a latest launch control acceleration system is the best thing that can happen to you this weekend, or the month maybe.

These are normal and common pedestrian people that happen to be passing on a traffic light and the crew has decided to take them for the ride. It is going to be the ride of their dreams as they are going to get blown away with the madness done by the GTR launch control.

This is a very powerful vehicle that has torque as much as it has horsepower under the hood and the acceleration from 0 to 60 is going to be the lifetime experience.

The driver that is scaring the passengers in the front seat has been driving this vehicle for a while now and he is used to the acceleration that this Nissan GTR has but the new passengers inside are not.

That’s why it is breathe taking for them to have to cope and with all the pressure that is coming on the chest. It is too much for a normal person to handle, as the racers are used to the pulling force and they don’t have the problem with this, they are doing it every day.

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That is sooo crazy. More crazyness in the next video below!