Nissan GTR Gives The Highway Patrol A Run For Their Money!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

There are few drivers on the road who can say they are a fans of the highway ...

There are few drivers on the road who can say they are a fans of the highway patrol. More often than not they are pulling over individuals for random crap instead of busting the guys who are really putting people in danger on the roads. Although we can admit there are reckless drivers who the highway patrol does crack down on more often than not they are looking for reasons to pull drivers over.

In this video we see a perfect example of one driver who takes no crap from his local highway patrol officer. From the looks of this dash cam video the police man was looking for a reason to pull over the Nissan GTR and when the driver of the GTR finally has enough of the police man’s harassment he revs up and leaves the cop in his dust!

IT is a great video you definitely want to check out click below to watch!

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