Nitro Engine Visible Crankshaft Spinning At High Speed!

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The tiny two-stroke engines used in the R/C cars, boats and planes don’t ...

The tiny two-stroke engines used in the R/C cars, boats and planes don’t look like much, and for their size, they make the tremendous amount of power.

They are called nitro engines because they run on nitromethane, they can rev incredibly high—sometimes even as high as 50,000 rpm.

More impressively, and most of them burn nitromethane, the same fuel that lets the Funny Car make 8000 hp and hit 100 mph in less than a second. Badass!

In his latest video, YouTuber johnnyq90 machines the plexiglass crankcase cover for the two-stroke nitro R/C engine to let you see what the crankshaft looks like when the engine is running.

The process of making a cover is interesting on its own, and the best part comes once he bolts it together and fires it up.

You get the clear view of the engine while it runs, spinning far faster than the eye can see. It gives you the appreciation of just how hectic the inside of the engine looks when it’s doing its job.

While the scale and speed of the R/C engine can’t exactly compare to what you would see going on inside a full-size car or motorcycle engine, it will still help you understand the forces at play inside your crankcase.

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