Normal Day In Russia. You Won’t Believe Your Eyes!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Ever been tired of waiting around for somebody and to grant you access? And do you ...

Ever been tired of waiting around for somebody and to grant you access? And do you feel like your time is being wasted following rules? Tough. Here is how NOT to behave yourself. This incident took place in Vsevolozhsk, Russia and involves the man exiting an SUV, seemingly tired of waiting for somebody to let him through. You can call it road rage (but it’s rage, it’s on the road) or you can just call it the blatant disregard for property that is not your own – either way, it’s still the ridiculous thing to do. The security guard, or supervisor, (whoever that is), even walks up to the SUV to assess the situation, but the man inside this SUV hops out and starts taking his frustrations out on the retractable barrier, prompting the supervisor to run away. Yes, really. Eventually, the barrier gives in, the man jumps back in the SUV and goes on his way – as does the Hyundai following them, though at that point, what are you supposed to do, turn back, park right there? Hopefully somebody got the clear look at that license plate and alerted the authorities. Otherwise, it is people like these that get away with doing whatever they want in traffic.

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