This is How Not To Load A Car Onto A Flatbed Truck

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Here is one more video that shows how NOT to do stuff. Well, we hope you find ...

Here is one more video that shows how NOT to do stuff. Well, we hope you find these videos very handy. We also learn from other people’s mistakes. And anyway, let’s see what we have here today.

The situation you are about to see looks like the everyday operation. The car has to be loaded in the back of the tow truck. But it is not as simple as that. Why simple when it can be complicated? It is all set for this difficult operation.

A tow truck is in place, the ramp is set and they are doing the final touches, making sure that the vehicle is in line with the tow truck. However, everything was going well until the 10th second, then the things went down the hill. You can notice that the person in the vehicle applies too much pressure on the gas pedal, judging by the smoke and the following BAM moment!

It is all finished in the few seconds. What happened in the car next, what caused this mishap, remains the mystery.

The poor man outside tried to prevent the car from flipping over! And he is lucky he didn’t finish under it! Surely, they will need the tow truck now!

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