Do Not Miss This Absurd And Even Funny Motorcycle Crash

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A car cutting off the incoming motorcycle is probably the most common and feared ...

A car cutting off the incoming motorcycle is probably the most common and feared crash in the two-wheeled world. But even if the vehicle driver notices you in time, you might still be in the dangerous situation, as you will see in the video below.

So, you are riding your bike, minding your own business, and then the damn car pulls out in front of you at the intersection.

You see the danger and start braking while also hitting the horn and to alert the idiot up ahead that you are coming.

Fortunately, the driver isn’t listening to Justin Beaver at the high volume so is able to notice you and even stops the vehicle before occupying your whole lane ahead.

You believe you are safe now, and there might still be something to worry about. And that is the driver’s reaction from here on.

You see, the person behind a wheel saw you almost stopped your motorcycle because their car is occupying so much of the road, they might believe you are going to let them pass through.

And which is exactly what happens here, only that the rider filming all the scene through his helmet-mounted camera didn’t think about this. Well, instead of fully coming to a stop, and he decided to accelerate and swerve around the car.

Which coincided with the situation described above. As the result, the car T-boned the bike and sent him down in an instant.

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