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Going out at night hoping to make the night drift under the lights could be the ...

Going out at night hoping to make the night drift under the lights could be the story to tell until you are alive.

This is the main reason that this driver went out with his drift vehicle at night, searching for the perfect street lightning just to have the better look of the smoke that he is going make.

Well after all we are the little tired of the day time drifting on the streets and of a day time street racing too so it has come the time to make the night drift that is going to count for them all.

Getting prepared for a drift and getting ready to make some smoke is the Friday night going out for this gang. And they are dudes that are in love with the drifting sport and they’ll do anything for their vehicles to make them better drifters and better racers on the streets.

Under the headlights of the vehicle they are talking about the route that they’re going to take and what kind of stunts they are going to pull off. And who doesn’t like to have friends like these, only talking about fuel and tire smell too?

The night drift is the best drift that can be made and if you got the rear wheel drive car you better start learning some of the tricks.

It is same like watching somebody else playing Need for Speed game. Sitting behind the screen and watching this night drift clip will make you jump off the chair and watch them standing up, because these heroes deserve this.

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