Do Not Miss This Hilarious Motorcycle Drag Race Crash

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The video below you are about to see here is about how someone’s trash can be ...

The video below you are about to see here is about how someone’s trash can be others treasure, how this could also backfire and you lose your teeth.

And, according to the guy that posted the video, his friends found these two 33 cc Chinese pocket bikes on the side of a road, waiting for the bulk trash pickup. They asked the owners if they could take, have some fun with them.

Believing tiny bikes are damaged beyond repair, and the owners were happy the two guys would take them away so they accepted. Well, the two brought the bikes to the OP here, who tinkered the bit with them and managed to make them work again.

How do you test some machines after they’ve been through intensive care? By doing the drag race just outside the shop. And of course, being such small machines, no one had any riding gear, and it was the dude with flip-flops to pay the price.

Apparently, it’s not that of the good idea to hop on a bike you don’t know (be it the pocket bike) and give it the beans.

According to a description, when the rider put his weight onto the peg, the rubber on a peg slid off, causing the foot to drop and drag on a ground.

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