How NOT To Spray Your Car! FULL Bottle Of Nitrous Blows Motor!

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Sometimes people do foolish things. But what we see in the video below goes beyond ...

Sometimes people do foolish things. But what we see in the video below goes beyond that, the couple of friends decided to spray the brand new tuned Chevrolet SS with Nitrous.

I have no idea what were they thinking or what were they trying to accomplish here, and one thing is certain, they have ruined the brand new Chevrolet.

The video below shows how one guy is inside the Chevrolet and he is only pressing on the gas pedal, the other guy is beside the vehicle and he is only there to tell the third guy when to release the N2O that he is holding in his hands, aiming at a Chevrolet engine.

Then the third guy got his cue, he released the Nitros and right away you can just see and hear how a Chevrolet engine starts moping and from the sound that you can hear, how it started slowing down.

Well, it was just horrifying seen an engine like that ruined in just a few seconds of foolishness, the car was literally crying… I have no idea what were they doing, maybe there were trying to have some fun with their racing vehicle by spraying it with N2O but I don’t think that they succeeded in that.

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