Nurburgring Crash Compilation Shows How You Shouldn’t Race

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Nurburgring is a tough place. Many went there trying to learn something about ...

Nurburgring is a tough place. Many went there trying to learn something about driving or to have fun, but the thing is, many overpriced their skills crashing and ultimately having a horrible day.

This video, more or less, demonstrates to us all what we should never do on the Nurburgring. You may say – what do I care about it, but the thing is, all car enthusiasts want to have a lap there, at least once in a lifetime.

Treacherous Nurburgring packs more than 150 turns on more than 13 miles. Luckily, it’s open to drivers of all kinds for the whole year. As many drive there, and not all have racing driver skills, Nurburgring officials had to create some kind of standard pattern of behavior keeping the safety up.

The thing is – no one is allowed to overtake from the right side, everyone has to obey rules with the yellow flag up and no spectator or anyone for that matter is allowed to enter the track anytime. The drivers and passengers have to be in cars at any time.

For starters, the yellow flag means one has to slow down immediately due to hazard or a crash in front. Sure, the rules seem perfectly clear, but some do not obey it at all. And that is why this video is possible, unfortunately.

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