The Nurburgring Deserves Respect! Ford Fiesta ST Crashes At The ‘Ring!

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Regardless of a damage they cause, certain Nurburgring crashes are more discreet ...

Regardless of a damage they cause, certain Nurburgring crashes are more discreet than others. Well, the one we are here to show you definitely belongs in a camp that will be noticed by anybody around.

We are dealing with the Fiesta ST that met the guardrail on Friday, during the Karfreitag.

It is worth noting that the Good Holiday Christian holiday commemorating a crucifixion of Jesus Christ sees the Nurburgring turning into the place of pain – given how many enthusiasts rush to a Nordschleife during this day, the crashes that result are inevitable.

The Blue Oval’s junior hot hatch can be extremely playful, easily allowing its rear end to step out despite a front-wheel-drive nature of the machine.

Alas, this can work against this driver when the one behind the wheel doesn’t match his or her pace with a level of skill. This seems to be the case here, with the Fiesta ST driver losing it as the vehicle was stepping into the corner.

Such episodes typically happen when the driver suddenly lifts while going into the corner and, once you learn how to master the move, lift-off oversteer can prove to be the hugely entertaining technique. Oh, and by the way, here’s the guide on how to use this path to get your vehicle sideways.

Returning to the accident we are discussing here, it didn’t take long before the Ford Fiesta ST met the barrier on the side of the track, with the subcompact generating the dust storm as it hits the guardrail.

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