The Nurburgring Deserves Respect! Renault Clio RS Crash

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This season of the Nurburgring tourist drives is about to end, it seems the ...

This season of the Nurburgring tourist drives is about to end, it seems the imaginary top Ring crash of the season finale competition has kicked off.

Well, our nomination for today involves the accident that took place over the weekend and no, this wasn’t a soft one.

The crash involved the rental Renault Clio RS that met the protection element on the side of a track twice in a matter of seconds, with the driver’s lack of experience being obvious.

This accident was captured using a dash cam inside the vehicle following the Clio, which seems to have gone playing together with another Clio RS from the same rental company.

While we usually try to read between the driver’s mistakes and bring you the resulting performance lesson, this time the thing to be learned from here is the simple one – don’t just to lapping the Nordschleife at maximum pace until you are familiar with both the vehicle and, just as importantly, the track.

The Clio RS EDC (double clutch gearbox) seen here is the incredibly docile hot hatch, and the German track didn’t get its Green Hell nickname by cuddling too many drivers.

Don’t get us wrong, this story isn’t intended to keep you away from the Ring, being aimed at helping you go through the Green Hell adrenaline rush in one piece.

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