Nurburgring Near Crash When 911 GT3 RS Driver Avoids 991 Cabriolet

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One of the dark aspects that sit behind Nurburgring’s Green Hell nickname has to ...

One of the dark aspects that sit behind Nurburgring’s Green Hell nickname has to do with the track’s corners having the potential to turn one’s car into the… pinball ball.

The past weekend has seen the Nurburgring Nordschleife being as busy as ever and, from the sea of the Touristenfahrten (Tourist Days) adventures, we have selected one attention-worthy fish for you – we are referring to a Porsche-vs-Porsche near crash that could have ended badly.

The near accident involves the 997-generation GT3 RS, so it’s no wonder that this was faster than the other Zuffenhausen beast involved in the incident, namely the 991-generation Cabriolet. We can see the Rennsport Neunelfer trying to fly past a soft top rear-engined machine.

Alas, the racing lines would have crossed each other, so the driver of the big winged coupe had to go for the grass-eating session.

Luckily, he managed to keep his GT3 RS in the straight line and overtook the normal 911 a few moments later.

This accident avoidance seen here shouldn’t be taken lightly, as we are talking about a Green Hell section that can easily turn racing vehicles into playing the painful kind of pinball games. The Nurburgring deserves respect!

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