Nvidia’s AI Car Drive Itself Using What It Learned From Human Drivers

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While Nvidia may be best known as the leader in the computer and gaming ...

While Nvidia may be best known as the leader in the computer and gaming industries, the Silicon Valley-based company is also developing the advanced self-driving software.

Recently showcased by a company on its YouTube channel during testing, Nvidia’s self-driving system utilizes deep learning and in order to mimic the inputs which the driver would make in any given situation.

To showcase this, the firm put its test car on the technical circuit far more difficult to drive than the motorway where current semi-autonomous systems thrive.

Rather than simply making minor steering adjustments through the flowing and open roads, Nvidia’s test vehicle was able to safely manoeuvre blind corners on unmarked roads and even avoid obstacles like traffic cones.

And it doesn’t even have difficult driving on different surfaces, including grass and dirt, and even if it is pitch black and raining. According to Nvidia, All it takes is about twenty example runs driven by the humans at different times of the day.

Learning to drive in these complex environments demonstrates new capabilities of deep neural networks. This is cool and all but having to stick your hands out is kind of ridiculous. Why couldn’t they make it in the way where you could keep your hands inside?

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