Oh Just Some Brave Lunatic Riding His Big Wheel Down I-76

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The driver that was engaged in traffic on the Interstate 76, near Philadelphia, ...

The driver that was engaged in traffic on the Interstate 76, near Philadelphia, spotted the man that was riding a pedal-powered trike.

Well, this kind of vehicle is usually given to children to ride and before they learn to balance themselves enough to use the bicycle.

You might call it a Big Wheel, as the person who filmed the original video did, but the item has recently gained the popularity among adults because it could be modified for drifting. Well, some companies have the specially developed vehicles like these, and which even have polyurethane wheels to ensure they’ll lose grip faster and provide the riders with the unmatched feeling of the controlled slide, but at speeds slow enough not to endanger their lives.

Evidently, this applied as long and as they were not operating the trike downhill, or on the highway. And in the case of this unidentified madman, that thought it would be an excellent idea to ride the pedal-powered trike on the interstate, and we cannot understand what he was thinking.

And upon further determination in our newsroom, we’re not sure there was any thinking involved in this action and something along the lines of “hold my beer” and watch this that has gone too far.

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