The Old World Meets The New World After A Car Crashed Directly Into A Horse Carriage

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For some reason that we will never understand, some people still enjoy riding in ...

For some reason that we will never understand, some people still enjoy riding in the horse-drawn carriage. Why would you want to travel so slowly, uncomfortable while constantly smelling the horse’s poop is beyond us, and people are paying good money for it.

Have you ever been to Vienna? Well, that city is absolutely gorgeous, until you reach the center and have to avoid stepping into pools of horse wee, slip on a wet cobble stone or, worse of all, fail to notice one of the huge, green dumps that just sit on the pavement.

If you close your eyes, the smell feels like you are witnessing baby Jesus’ birth. But if people weren’t interested in them, they would disappear.

And yet, they don’t. During a winter, another favorite pastime for those looking for the break from their ordinary lives is riding in the one-horse open sleigh.

I know what you think: it’s that damn song’s fault, and you are probably right. But assigning blame is completely futile at this point.

The snow must have taken the carriage owners in the video below by surprise because they didn’t decide to use the sleigh, leaving the single horse to pull a large-wheeled carriage.

Big mistake for them, all the better for us because a way those huge wooden wheels pop out is just hysterical. It’s just another one of those cases where the driver panics and, instead of letting off the brakes and saving a day, they stay on them skidding hopelessly into their victim.

Fortunately, the horse got out of the way, and the only one who had to suffer was the pumpkin-like carriage.

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