OMG! Angry Rhino Charges Straight Into An SUV

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Here’s a rare footage of an SUV getting some massive KABOOM from a ...

Here’s a rare footage of an SUV getting some massive KABOOM from a Rhinoceros. A battle that proved how sturdy and stubborn a Toyota SUV is, in a way that probably left the driver and passengers peeing in their pants.

The Rhino was taking a walk one hot day when it spotted something and with no hesitation, charges straight for it. What thing caught its attention? Well, a Toyota SUV touring around the National Park with tourists in it. The Rhino hit the SUV real hard but what’s really impressive is it didn’t overturn the vehicle.

The SUV was badly shaken after the impact with its body damaged especially the part which got hit by the horn. But the Toyota, as with its other models, sure always prove how it can take a beating and still keep on ticking. It started moving after the first strike to make the second strike less impactful.

The only bad here is this footage is one cliffhanger. Recording suddenly stopped during the best part probably because the one taking the video started having a heart attack after the Rhino saw another ride within the vicinity.

The attack was captured in Etosha National Park in Namibia, and you can check it for yourself through the video below.

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