OMG!!! Kia Cerato Crashes Hard At Rail Crossing

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What do we say to being hit by the stupid driver? Not today! See, Game of Thrones ...

What do we say to being hit by the stupid driver? Not today! See, Game of Thrones jokes work just fine with vehicles too. In this case, death comes in the form of the crazy Kia driver who doesn’t feel like stopping at the train crossing.

Russia’s railroad crossing barriers are among the most deadly in this world.

While the US has the simple pole that drops down or nothing at all, the ex-Soviets have gigantic slabs of metal that rise from a road. They look like medieval castle ramparts or something you use to launch aircraft from the ship.

Going at stupidly high speed, this driver of the Kia Cerato rams into the barrier and is instantly stopped.

This kind of crash could have been deadly because a stopping force is more extreme than in the event of the crash with another car.

What makes the video below funny is that the Toyota Sequoia had stopped as it should in front of the barriers.

Thankfully, this driver noticed what was about to happen in his rearview mirrors and moved out of the way. And what do we say to being hit by a Kia? Not today!

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