OMG!!! Does He Not Care About Scratching His Own Car ?

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Aggressive lane merging is the well-documented phenomenon in traffic, and is also ...

Aggressive lane merging is the well-documented phenomenon in traffic, and is also something we have all witnessed at one time or another.

Part of the reason why late merging is preferred to what is going on here, is because you are a lot less likely to get yourself in the tight and often, dangerous, fit.

It also helps reduce queue length and the difference in the speed between the two lanes, increasing safety.

And of course, safety seems to be the last thing on this driver’s mind, and as he persistently tries to slot his Commodore between a small trailer and the semi.

Some drivers tend to bully their way in when merging, but is that even the good idea when the vehicle you are trying to play chicken with is the large semi? Plus, if you are not careful, you might end up damaging your ride.

Speaking of which, this driver stuck his head out the window at one point to give whoever was behind the wheel of the semi the dirty look, which in turn meant he took his eyes off the road.

Now, while we are not completely sure, it does seem like a trailer in front made some contact with the side of the Commodore.

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