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Here is one good reason you should save your aggressive riding for track days ...

Here is one good reason you should save your aggressive riding for track days – it’s the controlled environment, and if you make the mistake, there are chances you won’t wreck yourself and the motorcycle.

In fact, both of you could end a bad scenario without the single scratch, like this rider in the video below. Cornering hard on public roads with the knee down and all equals to the increase of you crashing badly if something goes wrong.

And the guy there are so many things that could go wrong, from sand, gravel, potholes or mud to animals on the road or the large incoming truck passing into your lane in the bend because the driver is checking the message on the phone. Miscalculating the right line to take the corner or simply getting into point fixation are also dangerous and most times end up in going off-road where you can hit the tree, guardrail or simply spill in a bad way.

On the other hand, the track usually offers ways to stop you from hitting something and through sand traps or simply by giving you enough space to simply coming to the stop or slide until you shave off all your speed.

It surely helped this fellow here during his track day, his run-off ended way better than expected and thanks to all the open space. At one point he misjudges his corner entry and soon discovers himself running wide…

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