This Is Otsaw O-R3, The World’s First Ground-Aerial Outdoor Security

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The heavy lifting on the police force isn’t the job that is going to the ...

The heavy lifting on the police force isn’t the job that is going to the robots anytime soon. The basic beat, however, could be handed off to the collection of batteries wires, and cameras in a near future.

Dubai’s police force has confirmed that it’ll indeed be adding the fleet of self-driving vehicles to its fleet by the end of the year. It is not just iRobot, but Officer iRobot to you, civilian.

What we are working with here is the vehicle called the O-R3. It is being developed by Otsaw Robotics and is described as the fully self-driving security robot.

This isn’t just one vehicle either, and as it comes packing the drone to add the level of aerial surveillance to its arsenal.

The O-R3 is equipped with the suite of cameras and imaging devices and that it can avoid obstacles and keep very aware of its surroundings.

We have thermal imaging, the laser scanners, HD cameras and LIDAR. This means the O-R3 can read the license plates, faces and notice things that shouldn’t be where they might be placed.

The robot police vehicle isn’t being added to the fleet to reduce a human workforce, but instead to assist with a human workflow.

The ground and air-based team of O-R3s will monitor for crimes and work to track the criminals, sending data back to the home base. This can help the human element on its pursuit, capturing of those causing these crimes.

Sure, the whole idea is the little scary, but at the same time it’s the reminder that the future will be filled with fascinating bits of machinery.

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