OUCH!!! BMW E36 Crash Due To Coolant Spil

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During the Nurburgring Touristenfahrten events, the Green Hell is open to all, and ...

During the Nurburgring Touristenfahrten events, the Green Hell is open to all, and not everybody treats their track mates with the same kind of respect.

Well, case in point with the Ring adventure shown in this video – it’s a bit ironic to see the E36 BMW 3 Series Coupe crashing moments after another E36 Coupe spilled coolant all over the track.

Things get even more ironic if we take into account that a crashed Bimmer appeared to be in much better condition than the vehicle that caused the grip issue. Oh, and let’s not forget a first-generation Opel Corsa that spun following the spill – luckily, the Opel didn’t leave the track.

Notice the trail of white smoke following a Orange 3er in the first part of the video – that’s a sign of coolant entering the combustion chamber.

As for the vehicle that crashed, this seemed to have been nicely prepped for a track, with elements such as the sports suspension and a rollcage.

With the slippery bit sitting on the outside of the corner exit, the Bimmer was easily thrown off the track. We can see the driver taking late countersteering action, as if willing to avoid the tail-out moment that could’ve led to a total loss of control.

Alas, this meant the guy didn’t have enough time to steer the car away from the protection element on the side of the circuit.

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