OUCH!!! Kid Crashes Civic Trying To Drift

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Before you jump in the tuned car you need to practice with the car witch has fewer ...

Before you jump in the tuned car you need to practice with the car witch has fewer ponies, yeah, in order to learn some tricks and improve your skills!

Drifting is the serious discipline and always you must stay in touch with your grip, and you should never break that bound!

So we hope that the advice above was useful and you’ll not go over it from pro to professional because the outcome is embarrassing! Yeah, soon you’ll see what just happened with these teens in Maryland.

Obviously they planned different scenario, two of them in the vehicle and one of them to record the epic drift but what happens when the things go wrong?

You’ll notice at the end of the short video that a Honda Civic has some improvements that can be seen through the broken front bumper.

The teen came with a Civic barreling around the bend and on the inch distance to the cameraman, omg, he almost hit it, next on the opposite steer the teen totally lost the control and the vehicle went directly to the country fence.

Bad luck guys, this is how you’ll learn on the more expensive way!

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That is sooo crazy. More crazyness in the next video below!