OUCH!!! Megane RS Crash Due To Nurburgring Oil Spill

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The Nurburgring is now closed for 2016, yet some of the drivers who sometimes ...

The Nurburgring is now closed for 2016, yet some of the drivers who sometimes spend more time on the Nordschleife than in traffic still have pieces of footage they have kept in their glovebox. The latest adventure of this brings us the overly intense hot hatch moment, albeit not of the happy kind.

The action we are dealing with shows just how much harm an oil or coolant spill can cause on the Green Hell, well, with the footage coming from Ring Wolf xthilox.

Those of you who aren’t familiar with this Nurburgring fauna term should know that the Ring Wolfs are drivers who could easily draw the map of each and every corner of the Ring, while knowing their vehicles, usually tuned front-wheel-drive hot hatches, just as well.

These people normally enjoy driving around in the pack (no surprise here), hunting supercar guys that aren’t as quick on a Nordschleife.

But even this mix of overly experienced drivers and vehicles that are easy to handle at speed can’t cope with fluid spills, as demonstrated by the video below. The clip shows the four-car pack, consisting of two Renault Megane RS units and SEAT Leon Cupras, flying on the track as if they had started the war against stopwatches.

As the two Meganes leading the group go round the corner, the fluid on the asphalt makes both drivers lose a rear end. Alas, another Renault, this time the Clio RS, had come across the issue and was driving slowly, trying to exit the said bend. This guy behind the wheel of the Yellow Megane RS suddenly had to skid his way past the Clio and tried to squeeze in between a Renault and the protection element on the side of the track.

Unluckily, the tight gap and the entry manner meant an impact with the barrier just couldn’t be avoided. And the only good side of the tale is that the crash didn’t lead to any serious damage.

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