This Oversize Load Is Being Steered By A Driver Underneath The Trailer

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We have seen enormous trucks bragging the oversize load banner, and temonstrating ...

We have seen enormous trucks bragging the oversize load banner, and temonstrating that their freight on board is the bit too much for the road lane to support.

We have also seen many trucks with trailers that are way longer than the normal, making the truck less maneuverable. However, in this one, we look at the noteworthy load taken to the entirely different level.

This Boeing trailer is so huge that a rig with the driver towing up front is simply not enough. This trailer also has the operator at its rear end to operate the other half of the cargo! Yeah, it is that long!

It must be the very fascinating viewpoint to be situated at the final axle in order to make sure everything is under control as this beast of the truck charges down the highway.

What we see here is the very unique and amazing dual-driver truck/trailer combination that is used by Boeing in order to transport aircraft parts like wing spars to the Boeing facility where they can be assembled.

This cargo must boast one immense price tag in order to warrant the chariot such as this. Have you ever seen te Boeing trailer on the roads like this?

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