Parallel Parking Is Not A Problem With These Omnidirectional Wheels

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Well, imagine the following situation. You are desperately looking for the parking ...

Well, imagine the following situation. You are desperately looking for the parking spot. After relentless searching, you finally find the free spot! However, much to your disappointment, you can`t park your vehicle there because you don`t have enough space! And the only possible way of parking there would be if your vehicle could drive sideways! We all know that cars can`t do that. However, we are glad to share the video with you that will show that driving sideways with your car is indeed possible! How does this work? Well, we are more than happy to explain it! It is all about the wheels. William Liddiard has created the prototype wheels that allow the vehicle to drive sideways! As a matter of fact, these wheels will let you drive in any direction you please! And it took Liddiard a lot of time, materials and improvisation, but in the end, he succeeded! And these prototype wheels are designed for usage in all weather and road conditions. Also, having these won`t have any effect on your vehicle`s speed. The only thing they add is the capability to drive in all directions! This looks like the marvelous invention to us, and this is why we are more than happy to let people know about this!

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