Pennzoil Says Goodbye To The Legendary Dodge Viper In A Short Film

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Now that a Challenger SRT Demon has taken over as the new Dodge halo vehicle, the ...

Now that a Challenger SRT Demon has taken over as the new Dodge halo vehicle, the time has come to say goodbye to the Viper. And we are here to bring you the fitting tribute to the V10 slab of America, one that sees Rhys Millen abusing the hell out of this supercar.

We’re talking about the stunt short movie that sees the pro driver pulling pretty much every possible move in the 645 horsepower track tool, all on the streets of Miami.

Remember a white-knuckle Dodge Challenger Hellcat Airlift Drift clip delivered by the Dodge lubricant partner Pennzoil?

Well, the oil specialist is back in the game, but, instead of a Hellcat with the hydraulic handbrake, the resulting clip features the just-as-yellow Viper ACR.

The ad, which comes from JWT Atlanta, talks about the mysterious driver paid to recover a stolen Viper and yet it is difficult to focus on the plot when the action gets so intense.

With Rhys Millen being famous for his Fast and Furious work, the idea was to deliver the similar aroma, but sticking to genuine maneuvers without any help from a special effects-delivering 1s and 0s.

Truth be told, the ACR deserves the round of applause for how well it fits the role of the drift car, especially since the thing was built for gripping and going, and as its fourteen road course records prove.

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