A Perfect Day Of A Man With A 288 GTO, An F40, An F50 and An Enzo

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Oh, boy did Shmee150 did some good in his previous life!? No other explanations, ...

Oh, boy did Shmee150 did some good in his previous life!? No other explanations, really. This is the man every car company is calling out to give him incredible cars for a drive.

To prove the point, just watch this video where he had a chance to drive a 288 GTO, an F40, an F50 and an Enzo. These are all proper predecessors to the Ferrari LaFerrari and boy do they make this world a better place.

All are rare, super expensive, raw, and bloody fast. The original started all the way back in 1984 when Ferrari wanted to enter Group B racing series.

However, the series was canceled due to the radically high number of casualties, but Ferrari just translated its efforts into producing a race going 288 GTO. It is considered to be the first car in a line of insane machines that led to the LaFerrari. Some may argue, but the Ferrari 288 GTO is every bit of insane as all that came after.

The other is a car enthusiast favorite – the F40. It is probably the best analog car from the Eighties. Its successor F50 does not come close to that in the Nineties, but it is a bloody awesome car nevertheless.

After all, Shmee150 had a chance to enjoy himself while driving a fabulous Ferrari Enzo.

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