Perfect Track Battle! BMW M2 Vs Porsche 718 Cayman S

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Porsche enthusiasts were none too happy to hear that the Boxster and Cayman were ...

Porsche enthusiasts were none too happy to hear that the Boxster and Cayman were getting turbocharged four-cylinder engines when garnering the 718 name, and that’s just what happened to the two iconic cars, as far as we can tell it’s been for the better.

On the other hand, BMW fans felt just as betrayed when M3 and M4 were given some help in the breathing department using turbochargers, and nobody complained when that engine was placed into the lighter and smaller M2.

What’s perfect about a turbocharged transition and the spawn of the baby M is that now, the two Germans couldn’t be better rivals. And the Boxster S is down on power compared to the M2, 350 ponies stacked against 365 galloping hp.

Still, the Porsche is lighter by the substantial margin, even with the reinforcements needed for the roofless car. We recently saw the M2 get creamed in the drag race against the Boxster, but what happens when we put the M2 on the track with the Boxster’s cousin, the Cayman S?

All we can say is that on paper, the BMW M2 looks to be the clear loser. Even with more hp, it suffers from the weight penalty of 308 pounds.

The Cayman, on the other hand, maintains the lower center of gravity, mid-engine balance, Porsche’s signature track DNA. Still, that doesn’t mean the BMW is the loser, and especially when fun is the used as the gauge for success.

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