This Phenomenal 1/4 Scale Free Style 250cc Chevy V8 Engine Will Leave You Breathless!

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Not all car fans are necessarily geeking out about how engines preciselly work, ...

Not all car fans are necessarily geeking out about how engines preciselly work, but this little brilliant machine will leave you wanting for more. Chevy might be famous for their terrific V8 engines, but this contraption is simply otherworldly cool.

This 1/4 scale V8 sounds absolutely magnificent, and still runs like a charm. With a cylinder head of 200mm which is fully water cooled, it’s no wonder why the overall weight climbs up to 17 kilograms. Other things worth mentioning are 270 degree sport camshafts, oil pan created by using 1mm sheet steel, 3D printed plastic distributer cap, custom diaphragm carburetor and many more.

Pour a sip of 95 octane unleaded fuel, and this V8 will purr all day long! With over 100 individual pieces used in construction, it’s amazing to consider just how much patience was required to finish this build.

Ultimately, these guys are also great fabricators, as it must’ve been difficult to manufacture such a precise machine with all these tiny intricate parts. Either way, we can practically guarantee you’re gonna fall in love with this video. What are your thoughts on this masterpiece?

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