Place Your Bets! LSx Willys Vs ‘88 Dodge Ram Ramaro

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According to us, these races are the best way to enjoy your extra spare time while ...

According to us, these races are the best way to enjoy your extra spare time while you have the decent street legal vehicle in your possession.

It’s fair to say that this particular race maybe lack some cool burnouts, and once you hear the roar of these two machines you will immediately forget a need of such thing!

There is also one more thing that we appreciate, the multiple angles recordings. In this case, there are three, two at a starting line and one by the finish. Also, there is the slow motion section in order to see how close these two vehicles actually were.

Seeing from a first camera, on the left side, there is the LSx Willys with the aftermarket camshaft and the 4.8-liter engine that is procharged too.

Also, it has an 4L80e transmission. On the other hand, we have a 1988 Dodge Ram with the LS2 engine as well as 4L60e transmission boosted with some N2O.

Well, we don’t have any information about the time and the speed, and it is enough that this race is pretty much even! The sounds of joy at the end of the video describe everything we said, but without any words.

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