Playing A Drifting Game On The Laptop While Drifting in Real Life!

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Working this job, we have the chance to watch all kinds of clips and find out some ...

Working this job, we have the chance to watch all kinds of clips and find out some truly intriguing and original ideas and actions that people do with their rides. But playing the drift game on the laptop while drifting in real life?! Well, that`s definitely something new, which immediately raised our interest! As the ones who are following us on the regular basis, have already heard us saying, that we love learning about the drift scene, the car culture in general, in the other parts of the world, the video below gives us that chance the best way possible. It comes from Turkey, it shows us some of their drift stars, in a company with a couple of hosts of a TV Show, who actually came up with this original idea. The hosts of the show are getting inside the powerful cars of the drifters (a BMW M3 E46, the Nissan 350Z, and a couple of others) with their computers, and the fun begins! Drifters are driving sideways like mad, and creating tons of smoke, shredding tires, while the guys in the passenger seat are doing the same thing online. Check out the video below and have fun.

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