Plymouth Barracuda Drag Racing Accident! TRY NOT TO LAUGH

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If you are a petrolhead, you probably watch the drag videos all the time. During ...

If you are a petrolhead, you probably watch the drag videos all the time. During your incursions on Youtube or other platforms and that host videos of such events, you probably also encountered some fails, right?

I mean most of the time, if you are dealing with manual vehicles, one of the drivers will occasionally miss the gear, right? That, combined with some proper transmission grinding noises usually make the crowd scoff or downright laugh at the whole thing.

Well, that is usually what people consider to be funny. However, they didn’t see this video just yet. We are pretty sure you will agree that this has to be the funniest 1/4 run ever attempted.

What we have here then is the Plymouth Barracuda that goes up against what looks like the early Chevy Nova to us (or the Holden HX/HZ considering that this took place in Australia). Therefore, it shouldn’t have had the tough time trying to beat it, right? Wrong!

As it turns out, this man behind the wheel had some trouble putting the power down. And to be more precise, he loses traction as soon as he gets off a line and nearly spins. Then, unscathed by the happenings, this man decides to get back on the horse and try and catch up.

Unluckily, he didn’t learn the thing from what had just happened to him the couple of seconds ago, he ends up not only losing control but actually crashing into a concrete wall on his right side. Now that’s perseverance!

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