Police Helicopter Follows Dirt Bike Rider Who Has A GTA-Style Joyride

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

All this needed to look like the replay from the GTA V video game was the rider ...

All this needed to look like the replay from the GTA V video game was the rider wielding an assault rifle or the rocket launcher and the few explosions.

In the absence of that, we will have to make to with just a blatant display of reckless driving. If you ever have to choose the vehicle that can go anywhere, you can do a lot worse than the dirt bike.

In the right hands, this type of the motorcycles can tackle any kind of terrain, and plus it’s narrow enough to fit where any four-wheeled vehicle and would simply get itself wedged in.

However, just because it can go anywhere, and that doesn’t mean you should actually drive it accordingly. It looks like this 23-year-old rider from West Midlands didn’t get the memo as he launched himself in the rampage across town that immediately caught the attention of the police.

He managed to impress the law officers so much and they even sent the helicopter to observe his movements. Well, considering the police don’t probably have dirt bikes, and it was the only way they could keep track of what he was doing.

Besides, as spectacular as the bike chase would have been, the level of danger it commands would instantly advise against it.

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