Pony Car or Muscle Car? Let’s Set The Record Straight

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We have all heard the terms ‘muscle car’ and ‘pony car’, but ...

We have all heard the terms ‘muscle car’ and ‘pony car’, but what’s really the difference? You’ll find out in this video.

The term muscle car pertains to a host of rear-driven, V8-powered American vehicles, but the term pony car is actually more appropriate in some instances. In order to understand fully, let’s have a quick history lesson. In 1964, Ford unleashed the Mustang – an affordable, compact, highly styled, and sporty ride aimed at young drivers. It became so popular that it created its own segment, the pony car class…because the Mustang is a horse.

Naturally, other manufacturers jumped onto the bandwagon and competitors like Chevrolet and Plymouth made their own renditions, namely the Camaro and Barracuda. Although some of the cars featured the same V8, this new breed of pony cars were powered by small block 8-cylinder and even 6-cylinder engines.

Muscle cars, on the other hand, are generally much bigger, both in dimension and power under the hood. Such cars are fast and V8-powered including the Ford Galaxy, Dodge Charger and Chevy Impala. They were all about mounting a huge engine in a coupe body and didn’t care about handling sophistication.

On the whole, a pony car is small whereas a muscle car is larger, somewhere between mid-size and full size. However, things are more complicated than that nowadays because youth-oriented rides are taking the form of compact hatchbacks instead of sporty coupes. Moreover, if such cars continue to become more sophisticated in the handling department, they will have to be included in the sports car segment. So, what was once clear cut is now open to debate. What’s your take on it?

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