This Poor GT-R Only Made It 2,000 Miles! Money Doesn’t Buy Skill

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Enthusiasts often gather at the Tail of the Dragon, the iconic 11-mile stretch of ...

Enthusiasts often gather at the Tail of the Dragon, the iconic 11-mile stretch of road between Tennessee and North Carolina renowned as one of the best United States driving roads, to put vehicles through their paces.

Think of it as the Nurburgring of US roads. Featuring the momentous mountain passes, 318 turns and picturesque scenery, it looks like driving heaven.

Like a Nurburgring, it has claimed its fair share of victims who may not have the necessary experience to tame the car at speed – just as the owner of this one-month old Nissan GT-R found out. This incident was captured on video by an on-looker.

Judging from this video, it seems that this driver approached the initial corner too fast. The Nissan GT-R starts to slide as they try to compensate, they also appear to apply the brakes mid-slide, offsetting the sports vehicle and sending it careering out of control into the trees.

According to the member of the GT-R Life forum who claims to know this driver, debris on the road caused the Nissan GT-R to lose traction – either that or overconfidence and the lack of experience could also be to blame.

Photos posted on the forum show the extent of the damage, revealing the crumpled front-end and shattered windshield. Tragically, this Nissan GT-R had a very short life with only 2,000 miles on the clock.

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