This Porsche 964 Is Piloted In Iceland At 64 Degrees North

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Peter Lentz didn’t grow up in Iceland. But 18 years ago, he took the job as ...

Peter Lentz didn’t grow up in Iceland. But 18 years ago, he took the job as a pilot for Icelandair, he’s lived there ever since.

He says he always looks forward to going into work, and the perfect end of the day is to go for a drive. In the Porsche.

He doesn’t drive the new Porsche, though. Instead, he prefers his old 964-era 911 Carrera 4. The way he tells it, and he knew he had to have it as soon as he saw it.

You know, because we don’t have so many vehicles in Iceland for sale, I just grabbed the opportunity and bought the one that was on sale, says Peter.

For Peter Lentz, the feel of his old Porsche is what’s important. It’s not about driving fast, explains Peter. If you can drive the car that really lies well on the road, feels good, sounds great, that’s the good thing.

But while he doesn’t need to drive quickly to enjoy his 964, Peter does still enjoy a little speed. I’m not especially keen on driving fast anymore.

I used to when I was younger, and not anymore. I like flying fast, especially if you level off on top of the clouds, he says.

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