Porsche Details Toughest Development Tests With Classic Footage

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Apart from the few glitches now and then, like the 918 recalls and the need to ...

Apart from the few glitches now and then, like the 918 recalls and the need to replace a previous GT3’s engine, Porsches have been know to be utterly bulletproof for decades.

And part of that is just good engineering, but Weissach plays the equally important role in making sure every Porsche is up to a rather strict standards set by the company’s founders.

The fact that they named the 918’s track package after this facility instead of some historic race track also says the lot.

Opened in 1966, Weissach is home to Porsche’s skid pad, and which is where the company tests handling, measures lateral acceleration and puts the vehicles around one rapid turn after another.

Then, there is the straight full of metal potholes, giving the suspension systems hell at 25 mph.

This is followed by the dive into a deep salt water tank at 20mph, plus the small jump, in case you turn your 911 into the rally car.

But what if you need to drive trough the flooded tunnel after successfully surviving the massive tsunami? No worries! Of course they have that covered…

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