Porsche GT3 RS vs 911R Compared In The Most Awesome Way Ever

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Porsche probably makes the most attractive fast track-capable cars out there. Yes, ...

Porsche probably makes the most attractive fast track-capable cars out there. Yes, they are awesome, expensive, fast and everything, but which one is the best? We may never now actually, but we can come close in this awesome test Salomondrin made and published a few days ago. Here, we can see the Porsche GT3 RS vs 911R battle. Yes, it is happening.

The thing about 911 range is the difference between all the cars. Porsche makes more than 20 different version (with the GTS being latest released). They are all different in its own way with the Turbo S being the fast on the straight line. However, the GT3 RS and the 911R may be the most hard-core things to ever come out from the Porsche.
The thing about these is their track-worthiness.

See, they are both made to provide the most on the track, but they are also different in its appearance and the behavior.

It seems that both feel as raw as it gets, especially thanks to a lack of insulation. So, one can hear all the awesome mechanical sounds in the world just by being in them. The main difference may be in the transmission. The R has a manual and the GT3 RS a fabulous PDK. And yes, they are both really, really fast.

RS goes around with 500hp, but the R is the same. It’s basically a “copy-paste” car with the R being a manual heaven.

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