Porsche Hard Testing Its Prototypes Is Painful To Watch

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Prototype testing is one of the most amazing processes every car company has to ...

Prototype testing is one of the most amazing processes every car company has to take to make their cars as good as they can be, and Porsche does not hold back on testing their cars in every way imaginable. Just watch them test the life of many awesome cars including sports cars and SUVs.

The punishment vehicles take is not for those with the bad stomach to see. You’ll feel a bit down after seeing so many Porsches tested to death.

However, Porsche nicely combined some footage from a long ago – including old 911s and even the 959. And then they showed what they are making of new cars at the test center in Weissach, Germany. After all, they have been testing and developing cars there since 1966.

The testing track was used for all kinds of testing including the test of The Cayenne, 924, 928, 914, and multiple generations of 911. Sure, Porsche tests all sort of racing cars there.

So, if you ever wondered where the real heart of Porsche cars is, it’s definitely at the Weissach test track in Germany. Head there to see the magic. And maybe some new secret prototype they are working on.

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