Prankster Pals Have Egg On Their Face After Car Rolls Into Frozen Lake

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Friends know to pull out the different hilarious pranks on each other. And, ...

Friends know to pull out the different hilarious pranks on each other. And, sometimes a prank can get unintentionally out of control.

In the video below we definitely have that! It seems like the harmless car egging at first, and the outcome of this car prank goes horribly wrong!

Imagine starting your car and your friends are car egging you. Of course, with a course of time you’ll probably laugh it off.

However, in the heat of the moment you’re not going to be very glad about it. Most of us will immediately take the action like return fire (if you have eggs with you for some reason) or rush out of your vehicle and end the vehicle egging altogether.

But, in that very moment, it can happen that you forget something very important. Well, like for instance, putting your vehicle in park mode!

When car pranks starts, this fellow chap most immediately rushes out of his car to cease the egging. He starts running towards his dreadful, giggling friends and unfortunately he forgot to put his vehicle in park mode!

The car slowly starts to move downhill towards the lake while gaining more speed in doing so! This man never had a chance to save his vehicle despite his best efforts.

However, luckily it wasn’t all that bad for the driver. The lake that the vehicle went into was actually frozen, and this car did not break the ice and sink.

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