Professor B Explains The Technology Behind The Earpieces Used By IndyCar Drivers And Crew Members

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For decades, the drivers have been using little molded plastic earpieces to ...

For decades, the drivers have been using little molded plastic earpieces to communicate with their team, protect their eardrums from screaming race engines. IndyCar, in its goal to improve the driver safety and health, has taken the primitive accessory and turned into the high-tech measuring system for driver’s heads.

Like all professional-level earpieces, IndyCar earplug is custom-molded to each driver’s ear, so as to form the perfect fit for maximum comfort and rigidity. Once the mold is made, IndyCar embeds three accelerometers to measure, record g-forces put on the ear in three separate directions.

Why does IndyCar do this? Simply put, it is to measure the stress put on a driver’s head during the crash. With more accurate data regarding race impacts and concussions, and IndyCar can change and improve to suit the safety needs of drivers, keeping a sport injury-free.

If you want to know everything there is to know about the advanced earpieces and their role in IndyCar, you can watch this detailed explainer in this video. Really interesting information. I really like these little insights!

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